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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is an opportunity to discuss issues such as conflict, family stress, communication difficulties, unmet personal and relationship needs in a 'neutral territory' with an unbiased observer who can provide feedback and information coupled with confidential and non-judgemental support.

Sessions are usually 50- 60 mins long  and will initially take place on a weekly basis, the total number of which will depend on your individual requirements.

A common problem is where one half of a partnership wants to come for counselling while the other is not so keen. Our initial session gives both parties the chance to put forward their perspective by saying what they see as the problem and what they think is a solution. Together we can then come to decision about how couples therapy may help. If agreement is made to go ahead  we can then discuss how to proceed and  what is the most important aspect to work on.

Not all couples find their relationship can be ‘fixed’. Realisation that a relationship has come to an end can be very difficult to manage (even for the person who has instigated the ending). Couples therapy for some, may be having a non-judgemental third party to act as a mediator and facilitator in coming to amicable ending  of the relationship (especially if children are involved) rather than one that  is acrimonious, and belligerent.

Discussion of these issues may lead to one or both parties seeking individual support. We can discuss the best way to move forward with that.

After speaking with Jules to arrange a convenient date and time for all parties Jules will send you a link to the bookings page to confirm the booking and arrange payment.

Family Therapy

Not all difficulties with relationships are confined to couples. Very often relationships between parents and older children  can be very difficult. Having the chance to talk with someone who can act as non-judgemental third party and allow all positions to be heard can be the start of resolving family issues and disputes.

If you are interested in discussing how Jules can help in any of these situations, please contact her by phone or via the contact page of this website.

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