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TA 101

TA 101 – The official introductory course to Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality which is linked to both orthodox and humanistic psychology.  During the past 60 years it has developed into a tool for analysing interpersonal communications, understanding people and showing them how to enable change. The ‘101’ is the basic introductory course recognised by the European Transactional Analysis Association and by the International Transactional Analysis Association and attendance is a requirement for all those who wish to undertake accredited training in Transactional Analysis.  An official ‘101’ Certificate is awarded to all participants.

During this 12 hour course you can learn to:

  • Analyse the moods, behaviour and thoughts of yourself and others,

  • Examine the transactions (communications) between yourself and others

  • Understand why people tend to repeat certain patterns or ‘bad habits’

  • Discover how we create our own life plan.


The theory of Transactional Analysis is presented through illustration and structured exercises and no previous knowledge is necessary.  Among the groups of people who have found the course particularly useful, are those working in the helping professions, in education and in organisational settings.  However, a wide variety of people from around the world have attended the course simply to discover more about themselves.

Who is it for: 

Anyone already in counselling or therapy. 

The format of TA101 courses can be tailored to meet small group or organisational requirements .... so if you think a group of you or your staff would benefit from a individually tailored course.


Online using Zoom.

Course Presenter:

Jules Marshall, MSc TA Psych. BSc Psych., PTSTA, CTA, MBACP, UKCP Reg.

Watch what people have said about their TA101 experience.

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