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Clinical supervision is vital to any practicing therapist and trainee, in counselling, psychotherapy and many other caring professions. It is a requirement within the codes of ethics of many professional bodies such as UKCP, BACP, UKATA, EATA.

​​In supervision you can expect to be supported, encouraged, and challenged to explore your working practices to develop your skills, competence and  understanding.  The aim of which is to increase your ability to be effective and ethical in your relationships with clients, patients and colleagues.

Seeing real clients for the first time can be quite daunting, in supervision we can explore what you might need to have in place to make it a positive experience for both you and your clients. Having a few supervision sessions before you start to see clients can give you the support and confidence to do that.

There are different types of supervision, the most common is face to face supervision with a supervisor who has experience and the qualifications to support you in your day to day practice as well as being there to assist you when faced with particularly troubling issues. Contracts around what you want supervision on, confidentiality, and payments are made prior to the start of sessions.

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If you would like to know more about Supervision and how Jules can support you as  a practitioner, especially if you are just starting to seeing clients in either placements or in setting up a private practice,  please feel free to give her a call on 01558 685066.

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Another type is ‘group supervision’ where several supervisees attend a group session with a supervisor. An advantage of this is that you could become aware of issues via the material brought by others. This usually a much longer session to allow space for everyone to speak and discuss the issues being brought. It also means you get feedback from others and benefit from their experience.

If you are looking for a supervisor or interested in how being in supervision can help you, contact me to discuss your requirements.

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